What to choose – RV Or Caravan?

campersThe area around our Real Park workshop has some great spots for a weekend away. While the campsite may be your destination, the success of journey there is very much dependant on your choice of automotive. In camping circles there are some pretty strong opinions from both sides of the RV versus caravan argument. While both options have pros and cons there are some things that many people forget to consider before picking sides. The choice between an RV and a caravan is often less about the creature comforts once you get to the campsite and more about how you get there.

With an RV you don’t need a towing vehicle because it is both the vehicle and the living space. There are some real benefits to this. There’s no need to worry about hitching up or counter steering when reversing. There is often also a lot more space in an RV than in a regular size caravan. If you’ve ever had to fill your tank with gas a few times within a couple of miles then you’ve experienced the fact that RV’s are not the most fuel efficient vehicles. These are some serious gas guzzlers. Often your fuel bill can be the biggest component of your entire trip if you’re traveling a long way before getting to your campsite. Once you get to your destination you’re pretty much stuck there unless you’re ok with moving the RV again. You may be quite happy with staying in one spot for a while but if you only have the RV with you then there’s no chance of quickly nipping to the store to pick up a few things.

The cost of maintaining a vehicle like an RV can also be a big factor. These are specialist vehicles so the spares aren’t produced in the same quantities as are those for regular commercial vehicles. This means that if a part breaks you’re going to end up paying a lot to buy that spare. The availability of parts is also an issue. These are generally only available directly from the dealer and often there aren’t generic equivalents. Servicing these vehicles regularly is an absolute must but can also get really expensive.

The alternative is to choose a caravan that suits your needs. Of course that means you need to have a vehicle that is capable of towing the caravan. This is not a simple choice either. You’ll need to speak to the caravan dealer to get a good idea of the power requirements of your towing vehicle. Naturally you are going to experience poorer fuel efficiency while towing the caravan than you will when you’re just driving the vehicle by itself. The nice thing though is that once you get to the campsite you can unhitch your tow vehicle. Now you have a place to live in as well as convenient transport should you want to take a drive somewhere.

Maintenance of a vehicle capable of towing a caravan is not going to be cheap but it will almost certainly be cheaper than the servicing costs of an RV. If you’re using a make of vehicle that is common, like Toyota, or Ford, then spare parts will be far more readily available. While an RV dealer may be the only place you could get spare parts for your RV this is less of a problem with a vehicle capable of towing a caravan. Most vehicle repair centres and automotive spares supply stores should be able to supply you with what you need. free fifa 17 coins

The other benefit of going the caravan route is that they take up less space to store. If you don’t go camping all year then it’ll be taking up a lot of space on your drive and you’ll still need to service the engine at some point, even if it is just an oil change. A caravan takes up less space and doesn’t need any servicing. It’s a good idea to check the wheel bearings of your caravan and to manage the humidity inside it but that’s about it. No need for oil changes or servicing. If you have an RV then you’re going to need another vehicle as well for when you’re back home. When the caravan is parked back at home then your tow vehicle is probably just fine for running around town and normal travel. Make sure that you consider all of these factors before making your choice.

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