Pre-trip vehicle maintenance checklist

Getting ready for your road trip vacation is almost as exciting as actually setting off on it. The packing, planning and route plotting is all a part of the experience. To make sure that your family vacation gets off to a good start and ends with you all safely back home there’s something else you’re going to need to give some attention. You need to give your car a good once over to make sure it’s as ready for the trip as you are. At we’ve put together some detailed car maintenance info but here are some brief tips on important things to check before setting off:

Lights – Are your high and low-beam lights all operational? Make sure that these as well as your brake lights work. Check that your indicators, front and back, work as well. You’re not planning on breaking down but do your hazard lights work? Check them just in case. car parts is here.

Brakes – Make sure that you top up your brake fluid. Even if you don’t notice any fluid leaking out under your car it’s important to check this before setting off. Give the brakes a push and make sure that they don’t feel spongy.

Tyres – Having great brakes will only be of benefit if your tyres are in good shape. Check the tread for any signs of wear. Uneven wear patterns are a sure sign that there’s something wrong with your wheel alignment.

Steering – Check the play in the steering wheel. If there is too much play then you will have reduced manoeuvrability.

Suspension – Don’t take a chance by driving on soft shock absorbers. Your suspension is critical to the safety of your vehicle. Take your car in to a fitment centre to have these, as well as your wheel alignment, checked before setting off.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is always a good idea but it’s especially important before setting off on a long trip with your family. Take the time to do it and you’ll feel far safer when you hit the road. Happy travels!